Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What I have made for 2014 

This is my first bento I have made in 2014
I`m still newbie and raw in making bento. I also lack of bento equipment because I do not know where can I buy it in malaysia. Thanks to a friend of mine, Lin, who helped me in giving advice to make a bento. She also introduced me to a Japanese shop in malaysia, Daiso. I will explain more of the goods sold at Daiso in another entry soon.

I do not have a rice mold so I just wrap them in plastic and shape it by hands. Yeah it not so beautiful still lot to improve.

This is my second bento. This time I already get my bento equipment from Daiso. For the ingredients I get it from Eon,Jusco Mall, they really have a lot of unexpected ingredients such as sushi set (include rolling mat,seaweed,sushi vineger and soy sauce), complete set salad for decoration and much more.

That`s all for today and I hope I can get some of your opinion.
I will update again more about my bento soon
Thanks ;)

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